Information about the band from Dortmund - Dr.Mulle - Punkrock aus Dortmund.

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Information about the band from Dortmund


Dr.Mulle is no casting band, it's not a band of musicians who met during sessions or such either. Dr.Mulle is a real house-band from Dortmund/Germany. And here is the story:

The two musicians Sascha (Leadguitar, 3rd floor) and Jörg (Bass, 1st floor) had the idea of playing some music in an empty cellar of the house in which both lived, back in 2011. For several months they played their sessions with drums coming from a PC and Sascha singing. After Dr.Mulle moved into the courtyard he was forced to join them in the cellar. Because of his inability to play any adequate instrument it was decided that he would be the singer. When finally the noise from the sessions became too loud for him to take his nap, Gunnar (Drums, 2nd floor) joined the band. As the sound creeped up Dortmunds Hohe Str. Tim decided to join the band as a second guitar.
It started with covering some pieces from Bob Dylan to the Sex Pistols, but soon own songs were written.

Some of our songs you will find on the service/download page.
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